Wednesday, December 23, 2009



I was having an trouble when I create 2 account in my PC.At the first it's no problem,the trouble come when I delete other account,Dialog logon screen still appear!
It make me angry and try all the trick,but not solve this problem,but with this trick now my PC didn't show Dialog logon again.

Click START>RUN>fill with "Control Userpassword2" enter,and u will show dialog box that only titled User Accounts.
Then select user name at 'Users For This Computer' list then remove check mark in top left dialog box,then click OK.
now u will see dialog box 'Automatically Log On' then fill the password then click OK,
now restart u PC to take the effect!


raymond said...

raymond okon says....
Your website is very exciting and educative. I will remember to visit more often. You are more than just a nurse!

OneWinged said...

thanks dear... glad i can help... =)

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