Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Private Character Editor of Windows XP

Private Character Editor of Windows XP (hidden menu explored)

Private Character Editor of xp(hidden menu explored) and other Confused Confused Confused don't know why these all menus are hidden and normal public cannot access. There is a saying "the more u hide , the more curious I will be to explore" so here is the description Laughing Crying or Very sad Arrow Arrow Idea.

Yet another utility included with Windows XP that is hidden from GUI view. Private Character Editor. The description follows copied from the help files:

Using Private Character Editor (PCE), you can create up to 6,400 unique characters (such as special letters and logos) for use in your font library. PCE contains basic tools for creating and editing characters, along with more advanced options.

The utility has an embedded help file, so you can go through it to figure out how to use it. To access the program, type "eudcedit" at the


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