Sunday, December 13, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist Movie for your PSP

You can also play this on your computer if your video player supports MP4. Click on the image to download


Dragged from his homeworld of Amestris to a parallel world called Earth, Edward Elric lives in Munich, Germany, in the year 1923. Stripped of his alchemical powers and some of his limbs, he researches rocketry with Alfons Heiderich, a young man who resembles his brother, Alphonse Elric, thinking that if he uses a rocket, he can return to his world. Edward encounters many people whose faces are familiar to him. He rescues a troubled gypsy woman named Noa from being sold. As Edward takes Noa to live with him and Alfons, Noa starts having visions concerning his life in his country. Next day, Edward finds a man similar to King Bradley and attacks his guardians thinking he is the same homunculus who manipulated Amestris' State Military. As he realizes that the man is not Bradley, Ed is forced to help him in his search of a "dragon" supposed to be hidden in a castle. The dragon turns out to be homunculus Envy who attacks Ed until it is weakened and captured by members of the Thule Society.

Dietlinde Eckhart, a member from the Thule Society, discovers the existence of Ed's world and starts giving him hints to how he could open a portal back to Amestris. Once Ed starts opening the portal, Dietlinde kidnaps Ed's father, Hohenheim, to open the last parts of the portal using Envy as a catalyst. Dietlinde sends various armored soldiers to the portal with all of them thinking the other world is Shamballa. Back in Amestris, Alphonse lost all of his memories of the events following his and his brother's attempt to resurrect their mother. He was studying alchemy under their teacher Izumi Curtis, but after her death he began seeking a way to reunite with his brother and retrieve his lost memories. The soldiers who entered the portal from Germany appear dead in Amestris. Alphonse merges a part of his soul with one armor, which finds Ed when was about to be killed by Dietlinde's soldiers. Alphonse's armor escapes with Ed from the soldiers, but his soul is later unlinked from the armor.

Some time later, Alphonse is guided by the homunculus Wrath to the underground city beneath Amestris' Central City to open a portal to Earth. They are attacked by the homunculus Gluttony, who brutally fights and captures Wrath between his jaws. Wrath asks Al to transmute the two of them so he can open the gate, Al complies. Meanwhile, Dietlinde contacts Noa, requesting her read Ed's mind to know to correctly open the portal. Noa accepts, thinking she would not be discriminated in the other world. Edward learns that the Thule Society plans to use the weapons from Amestris in order to help Adolf Hitler in his attempt to start a revolution, and heads to stop them. However, Hohenheim transmutes himself along with Envy at the same time that Alphonse transmutates Gluttony and Wrath. With the portal opened, Dietlinde shoots Ed, but the bullet hits his artificial arm. Dietlinde successfully enters Amestris, and becomes able to use alchemy in order to attack Central as her fanatical bigotry causes her to fear Amestris and it's people and therefore demanded it's destruction, as she never had the intention to help Hitler. Alfons rescues Ed and makes him pilot a rocket-powered plane to return to Amestris, but Alfons is shot by another member from the Thule Society after Edward leaves.

Ed appears in Amestris and is reunited with Al and his friend Winry Rockbell. The military manages to stop most of Dietlinde's soldier with the help from the alchemist Roy Mustang who has not used alchemy since the end of the anime series. After seeing Dietlinde's attacks Ed, Al and Mustang fight Dietlinde while the military defeats the army. Al transmutates his soul to a group armors, which attack Dietlinde, forcing her to retreat. Dietlinde appears in Germany, but she is killed by an officer similar to Maes Hughes. Ed returns the surviving men to Germany and to seal the gate, but to his shock, he finds Al hidden in a suit of armor. Al explains that Mustang is sealing the gate in Central, and he has also regained his memories after losing them at the end of the series. After Alfons' funeral, the Elrics and Noa leave Munich with the former wanting to destroy all the weapons meant to be used in Hitler's attack.



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