Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shortcut To Bypass XP Startup Programs, Boot Faster

Shortcut To Bypass XP Startup Programs, Boot Faster

Hold down the SHIFT key during the logon process to prevent the operating system from running startup programs or shortcuts in the following folders:

systemdrive\Documents and Settings\Username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

systemdrive\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

windir\Profiles\Username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

windir\Profiles\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

The windir folders exist only on computers that are upgraded from Windows NT 4.0.

To disable the programs or shortcuts in the preceding folders, you must hold down the SHIFT key until the desktop icons appear. Holding down the SHIFT key is a better alternative than temporarily deleting or moving programs and shortcuts because this procedure affects only the current user session.

To use the SHIFT key to disable programs and shortcuts in startup folders
Log off the computer.

In the Welcome to Windows dialog box, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

In the Log On to Windows dialog box, type your user name and password and then click OK.

Immediately hold down the SHIFT key. The mouse cursor changes shape from a plain pointer to a pointer with an hourglass. (It might do this several times.)

Continue to hold down the SHIFT key until the Windows XP Professional desktop icons appear and the mouse cursor stops changing shape.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely good to see all the slide and fade effects, but they solely hog your RAM, you can disable each visible impact or a few of them and you'll expertise a faster responding system.
To take away visible effects - proper click on on my computer icon in your desktop, click on the superior tab and beneath performance click on settings.vmware security

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