Sunday, December 20, 2009

Firing up Firefox

Firing up Firefox

Firefox lends itself to extending its functionality using a range of tiny plug-ins called extensions. There are extensions for several applications such as FTP, AD blocking, mouse gestures, weather and stock updates, enhanced download functionality, etc. Some of the must-have extensions you need to make your Firefox installation into a power web browser are:

Adblock: Besides speeding up your web browsing experience, this plug-in eliminates all web advertising from the web pages your browse through. It works by referencing a list of known advertising web sites and electively blocking content from these sites which appear on other pages in the form of banner Ads, popups, etc. The list can be modifi ed to incorporate future inclusions as well.

All-in-One Gestures: Once you start using it, there’s no looking back—using your mouse, you can defi ne specific movement patters to execute tasks during your web browsing experience. This enables you to virtually control your surfi ng using just the mouse, where you can browse through pages, navigate between open web sites, close web sites and move forward and backward within them with just a flick of your wrist.

Tab browser Preferences: Tab browsing is one of the best pieces of functionality in Firefox. This extension extends this functionality by giving you greater control on how tabs appear, where they appear and how links within them are handled.

FoxyTunes: For all you music junkies out there, how would you like to control your MP3 player software from your browser itself? FoxyTunes lets you do just that—it hooks into popular MP3 players like iTunes and Windows Media Player and offers full audio control from a toolbar in the browser itself. Very handy.

IEView: There are some web sites that aren’t Firefox-friendly. For these, you can open them in a dedicated window using this extension. Google Toolbar for Firefox: It’s been around for a while, but this version is now offi cially released and supported by Google. This Google-enabled Firefox extension lets you search from within the interface itself.

Gmail Notifier: Just like your local e-mail client, this extension provides a notification each time you receive mail on your Gmail account. Neat.

Flashblock: If you’re bogged down by those Flash-heavy web sites that slow down your surfi ng experience, this functionality banishes them to digital oblivion!


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