Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Way To Exceed Megaupload Download Limits!!!!!

Way To Exceed Megaupload Download Limits!!!!!

I know that I'm not supposed to post stuff like this, but I know that this area catches the most attention, and this is important from what I know.

Do you want to download several links, but cant because the MU download limit is exceeded?

Well unless this has already been discovered, there is a way to download an unlimited amount of things from megaupload. It may not be a premium account bypass or hack, but its very useful and gets the job done when you need a lot of megaupload downloads; here's how its done:

1.) Copy the Megaupload link that you want to download (looks like like this: file ID

2.) Go to (a proxy site) and paste the link in the Cgi Proxy box and click "begin browsing"

3.) It will take you to megaupload, but make sure in the beginning of the link it says Enter the security letters, and wait for the timer to go down.

4.) This step is the most important, because if you mess up, you will need to start over again from the top. Once you get the button that says "begin downloading" click on it, but you will need to quickly stop the link from finishing by clicking the stop button on your toolbar, so you will need to be quick.

5.) If you did it right, you should not have been redirected to the screen that says "download limit exceeded" but rather a blank white screen. Copy the new link in the browser (should look like this:

{only with your file info}) and paste it in the proxys browser (says via location proxy I believe) and search it (hit enter)

6.) Your download should immediately begin!!!!!


all-shares said...

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OneWinged said...

yes dear... that too.. but if you have already have the file and ready for download in megaupload and it is in multiple files then you can use this method...

Anonymous said... = down

Pingo Lao said...

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