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The Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up Windows 7

Speed Up the Windows 7 Boot Speed

A simple tweak will help you to decrease the boot time of windows 7. You will be benefited by this tweak only if you have a multiple core processor. These days most of the computers have a dual core or quad core or something better than that CPU's.

1) Press [Win] + R or take the RUN option from the start menu.

2) Now type msconfig in there and press Enter Key to open up the System Configuration Window. Click on the Boot tab in there. You will see a box called Time out. This is the time (in sec) which the system waits for the user to select the operating system to boot to. then set it to 3 or more (which ever is convenient).

3) Now after doing the above step click the " Advanced Options " button. The Boot Advanced Options Window will then pop up.

4) Tick the check box saying "Number of Processors". Now click on the drop down box and select the maximum number of processor cores (might be 2 or more).

5) Press " OK " and also tick the " No GUI Boot " option too.

6) Click " Apply "and then on " OK " and that's it.


Disable The Aero Theme on Windows

The Aero user interface certainly adds some " Eyecandy " to Windows 7 but certainly is a resource hog especially when, what you expect from windows 7 is more performance juice. Aero user interface squeezes your graphics or video card to its maximum. So why cant we just avoid theWindows 7 aero? if we care more about speed and performance in Windows so Disabling the Aero in Windows 7 certainly adds an extra speed boost to it.

1) Right Click on your Desktop and select " Personalize " click the Window Color Tab.

2) Uncheck the Box saying " Enable Transparency " and then click on " Open classic appearance properties for more color options"

3) Then a window will open up. Apply a Standard or Basic theme from it. The Standard Windows 7 theme is more preferred.

Disabling the aero theme alone in Windows 7 will really speed things up.


Disabling the Unwanted Visual Effects in Windows 7 to Speed Up more

1) For this right click on "Computer" and select "Properties" from the right click menu.

2) Click on " Advanced System Settings " from the left pane to open up the " System Properties " window.

3) Select the "Advanced" tab from it. Then Under " Performance " click " Settings ". Choose " Custom: " Options From it.

4) Now untick all the options and select only the last four options

5) Now just logoff your system and turn logon.

You will now notice the speed difference now.


Disabling the Unwanted Services to Speed up Windows 7

There are many services in windows 7 that we dont require for our daily use. There are some exceptional cases though. Services such as "print spooler" is only needed when we use a printer. If we use a printer only occasionally we can safely turn off that service in Windows 7 and turn it on only when we need to take a print.

Here is a list of services that can safely be disabled; to disable them, go to "run", then type "services.msc" and a window will pop up, right click the service then select "disable"

1. Application Experience
2. Computer Browser (If your PC does not connect to any network)
3. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (If you don't want the aero effects)
4. Diagnostic Policy Service
5. Distributed Link Tracking Client
6. IP Helper
7. Offline Files
8. Portable Device Enumerator Service
9. Print Spooler (If you do not use Printer)
10. Protected Storage
11. Remote Registry (You can safely disable it for more Security)
12. Secondary Logon
13. Security Center
14. Server (If your computer do not connect with any network)
15. Tablet PC Input Service
16. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
17. Themes ( If you want any aero and good visual appearence (classic theme will be applied))
18. Windows Error Reporting Service
19. Windows Media Center Service Launcher
20. Windows Search (If you rarely use Windows Search feature )
21. Windows Time (If you do not want to synchronize system time with internet time automatically)

Disabling the unneeded services in Windows 7 can really speed up the system boot time.


Disable the User account control (UAC) Feature in Windows

The User account control (UAC) feature in Windows 7 is very annoying though it says it can protect your computer from harmful virus activity etc. But if you are a daily user of your computer thiswindows 7 feature will be a total nuisance to you.

1) From the Control Panel open the " User Accounts and Family Safety " > User Account.

2) Click the User Account Control settings link.

3) Now just Drag the Slider towards "Never Notify".

4) Click "OK" and Reboot your system.

Disabling UAC is for advanced users only i don't recommend doing it if not


SetUp the Windows 7 Ready Boost Service for an Extra Speed Boost

The ready boost feature in Windows 7 will help you to use your flash drive or pendrive or USB drive as Ram there by improving the performance and speed of windows 7 greatly. You can certainly experience it when launching bulky applications such as Adobe Photoshop etc.

1) To configure the Ready Boost Feature in Windows 7 you need to have a High Speed Flash/USB or Pendrive with you which is ready boost compatible.

2) After plugging you pendrive, open "Computer" > Right-click the on USB Drive/Pendrive > select "Ready Boost" tab > tick the "Use this device" checkbox.

3) You can configure how much space on your USB drive/ Pendrive to be used as Ram. Hit "OK" and your done


Turn off Unused Windows 7 Features

There are many feature in windows 7 that we often dont use. Disabling these unused features in Windows 7 will really help in speeding things up.

1) Open up " Programs and Features " from Control Panel.

2) Click the " Turn Windows features on or off " from the left pane.

3) Now uncheck all the Feature that you don't use in Windows 7 and restart the system for the changes to take effect. (I personally turned off Games and Tablet PC Input)


Disable the Windows 7 Sidebar (Actually the Gadgets)

Disabling the window 7 sidebar is definitely help you to to gain a few seconds during start up time. There are many useful utilities such as the RocketDock etc. which are good application launchers.

To Disable the Sidebar in Windows 7,

1) Right click on the sidebar and select " Properties ".

2) On the properties windows Untick the check box showing " Start sidebar when Windows Starts "

From now on windows sidebar won't start when windows 7 start up.


Change the Power Plan To Maximum Performance

The Power settings in Windows 7 is not automatically set for maximum performance. By default the power plan in Windows 7 is set for a balanced performance with energy consumption on hardware. So you may not get the optimal performance from windows 7 if this is the case. So we need to change the power plan to High Performance Mode.

1) Double click the " Power Options " in the Control panel.

2) Click the down arrow showing " Show Additional Plans " to see the " High Performance " power plan

3) Now just activate the " High Performance " plan and that's it.

4)You may go for the advanced settings for further tweaking if you want

NB: I use a laptop so I kept my settings on balanced to save power


Disable the Thumbnail Preview Feature to speed up File browsing in Windows 7

The thumbnail preview feature in Windows 7 will show the small thumbnails of the contents of a folder instead of showing it's icon. But this feature really do take up some system resources. So by disabling the Thumbnail Preview feature in Windows 7 the file browsing in Windows 7 explorer can be speed up.

For disabling thumbnails in Windows 7,

1) Double Click on " Computer " >click on the "Organize" drop-down menu and select the "Folder and Search options"

2) Under ‘Files and Folders’ section, go to the "View" tab and tick the check box showing "Always show icons, never thumbnails" check-box.


Most Essential Software's To Speed Up Windows 7

In order to maintain your Windows 7 Performance and keep it up in Top Shape there are some very essential software's that can help us to Speed Windows 7. I will list some of them here. You can download these utilities. But i remind you that you need to run these utilities at least once in a week. Only if you do it regularly your Windows 7 will be in top shape every day.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner - Cleans Up Your Registry

Auslogics Disk Defragment - Best Defragger For your HardDrive

CCleaner - Cleans the Crap from your Computer - Works Amazingly Well

Teracopy - Speeds up copying (Much better than the windows copier, works amazingly well with memory cards and usb's)


Registry Tweaks to Speed Up Windows 7

Here are some registry teaks that can be used to speed up windows 7 even more. I have complied only the safest tweaks that can be applied to your PC. Apart from speeding up windows 7 they will also add some functionality in windows like adding Copy to / Move to in right click context menu to speed up your daily tasks.

Link to Download -

Just extract using Winrar and read the "readme.txt" file found inside


Disable Unwanted Start Up Items and Speed Up Windows 7 Start Up

This really matters when you have installed a lot of softwares on your PC. Many software such as AcdSee will run services such as device detector etc during the system start up. These are of no use actually for most windows users. So preventing such services from starting up during the start up of windows 7 can result in quicker start Ups. This will actually save some seconds during windows 7 start up.

1) Type " msconfig " in the "RUN" option from start menu press [Enter] to open up the System Configuration Utility.

2) Now navigate to the "StartUp" tab.

3) Untick the Entries which are not needed (I disabled everything except my virus protection)


Disable Unwanted System Sounds in Windows 7

In order to play the sounds you hear in windows 7, system resources are being utilized. So if you can disable these sound effects you can gain some speed and also free some system resources too.

To disable the system sounds in Windows 7,

1) Type mmsys.cpl in RUN From the Windows 7 Startmenu search box and press [Enter].

2) Navigate to the "Sounds" tab.

3)Now from under "Sound Scheme:" select "No Sounds" > Click "Apply" > "OK".

4) You can keep some of your favorite sounds turned on if you want, but sounds played during the Windows 7 start up, shutdown, Logon, logoff, start navigation etc should be set to none if you want some real speed boost.


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