Monday, December 21, 2009

Creating a Video Avatar

Creating a Video Avatar

To make a video avatar you will need to download the following programs:





-microsoft image resizer

Open up the video you want to use in bsplayer, then find the part in the video that you'd like to use. Hold down 'Shift and P' when it shows you the part you want, let go when you've got what you want.
This records the video frame by frame, so you end up with around 50 still images (depending on how long the video is)

These pictures can be found in the program file - bs player pro.

Take these images and go into irfan view, select the first picture then press 'B' then 'add all'. Make sure that it is set for them to convert to GIF, then click start.

Once this is done, close irfanview select all of the images you converted and right click on them and click on 'resize image' (this is now here because of the microsoft add-on)

When they are the size you want them to be, open up 'Unfreez' and select all of the images, making sure that they are in the order you want them to appear in. Click, 'create GIF', and you're done!

If you want to add your name onto it, open up the gif into adobe image ready (you get free with photoshop CS2) . This shows you your animation Frame by Frame, then insert text onto the FIRST frame in your animation tool bar.

Click FILE>Export>Animation frames as files.
then save the frames somewhere on your computer. Make them back into one GIF image again using Unfreez, again making sure that they're in the right order, and you're done!

This is just one way of doing it which is the way i do it, i'm sure that there are many different programs you can use, and there may be an easyier way of doing it, but this is the way i do it and it works for me!


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