Monday, December 7, 2009


Godzilla: RAWR!
Godjelly: EEK! (translation, Godzilla aint got nothing on me. lol)

Mysteries of life and earth. So many magnificent and a lot more waiting to be discovered. So what could be next?

Jellyfish as big as sumo wrestlers hit's Japan. An invasion of jellyfish the size of sumo wrestlers is throwing the Japanese fishing industry into jeopardy. The vast stinging creatures have appeared on Japan's Pacific coast after floating from Chinese and Korean waters where they breed every year. The Echizen jellyfish grow up to 2.2m in diameter and can weigh over 300kg. Their size means they are capable of ruining fisherman's nets and poisoning and crushing catches. One fishing boat was even capsized after a mammoth creature got caught in its net. A local fisherman said: " I have never seen anything this big before." Much about the jellyfish swarms remains a mystery but some scientists believe global warming and rising sea temperatures may be a factor. Japan's Meteorological Agency says the waters of the Sea of Japan are warming at a speed three times faster than the global average.

Here's a captured video of the giant jelly fish. Video caught by Skynews


kram said...

Nice one! That's a really big jelly big fish. I wonder if other animals evolve too and grows even bigger. I heard there's a giant tuna too. lol

kumar said...

nice collection

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