Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Fantasy: Last Order, Download it Here



Narrated by Tseng, Last Order switches between the past Nibelheim incident and Zack's escape to Midgar with his unconscious friend, Cloud Strife. During the Nibelheim event, Sephiroth, insane after discovering his origins, sets fire to the village of Nibelheim. After killing many villagers, he proceeds to the Nibelheim reactor, where Jenova had been encased. Soon after he arrives, Tifa, a resident of Nibelheim angry at Sephiroth for killing her father, attempts to kill him. He quickly knocks her away and continues to Jenova's body, preserved in a large glass tank filled with liquid. Zack follows Sephiroth into the reactor and fights him, but is eventually disarmed and injured too severely to attack further. Sephiroth returns to Jenova's body, but does not hear the military grunt Cloud approaching.
Zack as he appears in Last Order

Cloud immediately impales Sephiroth with his sword, cracking Jenova's glass tank. He returns to Tifa and the two converse, while Sephiroth, still alive after receiving the injury, cuts off Jenova's head. He carries her head with him towards Cloud and they engage in battle. Cloud is quickly impaled through the stomach and hung over the reactor's core, but in a feat of strength, he grabs Sephiroth's sword and moves himself down the blade to solid ground, and hurls Sephiroth aside. Instead of continuing the fight, Sephiroth, with Jenova's head, jumps into the reactor core in an attempt to reach the "Promised Land". Though Zack and Cloud survive the ordeal, they are taken by Hojo to the Shinra Mansion for experimentation.

The other event detailed in Last Order illustrates Zack and Cloud's escape from Shinra. During their experimentation, Cloud had succumbed to Mako poisoning, caused by a surge of memories flooding through one's mind to the extent that they can no longer perceive who they are. Due to this, Cloud remains in an unconscious, non-reactant state. Zack escapes with Cloud from the Shinra Mansion with the intention of returning to Midgar, the headquarters of Shinra. However, Shinra orders their elite espionage and assassination division known as the Turks and their paramilitary to find and the two escapees. Tseng, leader of the Turks, decides to capture them alive while Shinra's army is sent out to eliminate the two.

On a bluff overlooking Zack and Cloud, who had hitched a ride on a truck, Shinra operatives decide to ignore orders to wait for the Turks. One takes aim on the incapacitated Cloud and Zack, noticing, jumps in front of Cloud, yelling at him to escape.


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