Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playstation Portable. Which one?

Got my very first PSP last four years ago, the very first PSP released that has a firmware version 1.50. Then eventually not more than a month, firmware has been updated. I still use UMD back then, a free UMD game when you buy the PSP. I never got a chance to buy another game because they're to expensive for me. But then months has passed PSP's firmware has been cracked. VIOLA! You don't need to buy UMD anymore, all you have to do is download and put it on your memory card. Modified and replaced my own PSP's firmware with a custom firmware. With a custom firmware you can put modified applications and other cool stuff in your PSP. Basically custom firmware maximize the capability of your PSP, not like with the official firmware. Like you can change your theme, XMB, icon, sound, booting game, opening. You can also put emulator for other game console, dictionary, read word files, used it as universal remote (love this one, only works with PSP Phat) . There are many other things that you can put on your PSP if it has a custom firmware (except for the PSP GO). So if you have questions about your PSP you can message me and I be gladly to help you, want to upgrade or downgrade, putting some applications or problems regarding your PSP.

Now PSP has drastically evolved from PSP Phat (the very first version), PSP 2000/Slim, PSP 3000 and to PSP GO together with the update of its firmware. Modification with its appearance has also been made like the speaker of the very first PSP is at the lower part while with PSP 2000 and 3000 is at the upper part (so much for modification). About the PSP GO, love the size of being smaller yet maintaining almost the same size of screen with the other PSP. But I don't like the way its slide up. I have 3 PPC, a digicam and flipping phone and all of them have the same problem, the ribbon connecting with the LCD. If I'm right, PSP also has a ribbon wiring then the tendency is it might get the same result with other gadgets that uses ribbon wiring. If over used in sliding up and down the wiring might snap. I don't have PSP GO yet, so let me know if this do happen. You don't need to buy UMD for PSP GO you just a memory card. But the PSP GO is not yet cracked so you still have to buy the game through Playstation website. Other than that, I think PSP GO is a OK. And about the firmware, for me its just there marketing strategy. They release one by one version because other games dont work at older version, by that you have to buy the newer version of the PSP. About other specs, you can jack the PSP on your TV. Other upgrades of the PSP I didn't mention, for me are at no use. There's also a rumor saying that PSP in the future can also be used as a phone, not just a hand held console (watch out iPhone. hehe..).

If I did miss a thing about the PSP's specs and its upgrade, lay it all here. It can be a good thing or a bad thing.

December 3, 2009, marks the 15th anniversary of the first release of the Sony PlayStation in Japan. Happy Birthday, PlayStation!

What PSP do you prefer most?

PSP Phat

PSP 2000

PSP 3000



So what will it be for you? PSP Phat, PSP 2000, PSP 3000 or PSP GO. And tell why do you like that PSP.


PSP Addict said...

Love my PSP 2000, I think most of other that have PSP got PSP 2000 too. Anyway, PSP ROCKS! Wishing for mobile phone PSP in future, that would be awesome.

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